Robotics is a fun-filled field that integrates academic subjects,real life applications and workplace competencies. Kids learn math, physics, electronics, mechanics, geometry, engineering, and computer science for use in real-life applications.

The hands-on learning process required to build robots helps Kids gain workplace competencies such as project management, time management, resource sharing, teamwork, problem solving, systems analysis, communication skills. Read More


" Grayson, Kellie, & Kristine learned so much at camp and had a blast to boot! Through the competition, they had to make adjustments to solve the problems...a great way to learn about problem-solving! "
" My son has wanted me to find a program that feeds his mind. When I found Mathobotix online, I knew this was the one! He loves it and as he told his grandmother, "It's not school, it's fun! "
-Dylan's Mom
" My son has always enjoyed engineering and found this camp to be fantastic! It was a great experience for him and he is looking forward to returning in a few weeks. "
-J. Stinson
" Great encouragement and examples for girls who are passionate about engineering and robotics! Thanks! "
"The boys had a great time. They were there for 7 hours each day and didn't want to come home."
" Of all the camps/activities we enrolled our child in this year, this was definitely his favorite! "
" Sam really enjoyed this class. Thank you for the good care and good teaching. Same had a great experience with lego. Sam already attended the class three times and next week, Sam will attend the class. Thanks again. "
" T.C. was thrilled to recount his tales of lego construction and sumo destruction every evening! "
" My son Jake had a wonderful time at camp this week!! He made so many new friends and built an amazing robot. Great experience! Thanks! "
-S. Wilson
" It was a fun experience. Gr8 introduction to programming. Thanks for your hard work!! =) "
  • Dear Parents and community members,

    Welcome to Mathobotix!

    Founded in 2006, based on a social entrepreneurial model, the mission of Mathobotix is to inspire an appreciation of science and technology in young people and to support grade level academic learning by using educational robotics as a progressive learning platform.

    Mathobotix offers Integrated STEM Educational Robotics (ISER) Classes, Camps, and Workshops for K - 12 students. Classes are conducted in a state-of-the-art innovative and creative Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) designed to let students of all ages discover and explore science and technology on their own terms in an energetic environment.

    Mathobotix Curriculum is project-based and highly customizable to meet individual student's ability and skill level. There is a class for every student from novice to expert. The teaching methods and materials help your children learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects along with language and communication skills. The project based curriculum uses hands-on learning with projects that have real-world applications.

    Students design and build robots by following the Robotic System Development Life Cycle™ (RSDLC) method using LEGO ® educational robotics, VEX, and Open Source hardware and software components and resources. While going through the RSDLC process they learn, and apply STEM. They program their robots to make them come alive to play games and missions. They verify, validate, and understand scientific concepts. They explore and experiment how technology is used in our day-to-day life..

    To enroll or to learn more about Mathobotix call (949)857-1419 or eMail

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